"Not Yet": the most important Learning Outcome

El 13 Febrero 2019 11:50

Dr. Juan Manuel López Oglesby
Decanatura de Ingenierías y Negocios (Posgrados)


A proposal for radically re-framing the way we view outcomes and transformational leadership from our educational process. The time that people entrust to us during their education is a sacred trust that must be given the very highest of priorities, commitments, and dedication.


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Dr. Juan M. López is currently the Director for the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Sciences Programs for UPAEP in Puebla, México and has been a National Research Fellow for Mexico’s National Science and Technology Council (SNI-CONACyT). He is a charter member of two research and academic foundations (IIIEA, A.C., and Red MexBIOT, A.C.), and the UPAEP Office of Technology Transfer. He serves on the UAPEP Advisory Council for Research, coordinates international research relationships for the UPAEP General Director of Internationalization, and serves as the external science representative for the State of Puebla’s only federally-accredited research IRB for the Health Secretariat for Puebla.


He obtained his B.S. Engineering from LeTourneau University, in Longview, TX USA, and his M.S. Engineering and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA USA, where he received the Outstanding Academics prize in 2006 and was inducted into the Gamma Beta Phi honor society in 2007, as well as being recognized as a Minority Doctoral Fellow in 2008.

In addition to his academic credentials, he has worked in the automotive, power generation, and oil-and-gas industries, with experiences in individual projects and responsibilities in industrial, process, piping, mechanical, and civil engineering as well as forensic engineering, onsite problem diagnosis and solutions, plant start-up, and turnarounds.

He has had experience in curriculum design, education, and research since 2001, and maintains a strong personal commitment to transforming Mexico’s educational and research cultures for the betterment of Mexico’s long-term social and economic health, as well as fostering strong international ties that will catalyze this transformation and project Mexico's great treasure in talent and ideas onto the world stage.

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