Mexico: Innovation in Crisis

El 11 Septiembre 2019 11:50

En Posgrados UPAEP (AV06 Santander)

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Dr. Juan Manuel López Oglesby

Decanatura de Ingenierías y Negocios (Posgrados)


Mexico has incredible talent and a well of potential that is vast and powerful. And yet, as a nation, we have failed to take our place on the world stage as a leading national innovator at almost every level. This conference will explore these challenges and discuss the ways that we can face these challenges and bring Mexico into its next innovation revolution.


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Dr. Juan M. López is the Director for the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Programs at Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP), in Puebla Mexico. He regularly directs and collaborates on a wide range of research topics such as nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, prosthetic implants and human rehabilitation.
Along with being selected as a National Research Fellow for Mexico’s National Science and Technology Council (SNI-CONACyT), he has also served as the interim Director for the newly created Master of Engineering (M.E.) in Industrial Innovation at UPAEP.
His multi- and cross-disciplinary work revolves around the manufacturing sector, food security, education, and human factors in companies and industrial spaces. His students include founders of start-up technology companies, managers, CEOs, as well as national and international academic and technological award winners.