Strengthening Partnership Through Understanding

Strengthening Partnership Through Understanding

The University of Notre Dame at UPAEP, Dr. Denise Ayo


La Universidad de Notre Dame (UND) envió una delegación para explorar el fortalecimiento de las relaciones interinstitucionales. Entre los distinguidos miembros y centros representados por la delegación se encontraron:
The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures: Connecting Cultures, Colleges, and Countries, Dr. Denise A. Ayo, Assistant Director for Academic Programs
Immigration and the Construction of Memory- A Service Learning Course. Dr. Tatiana Botero, Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish.
Dr. S. Andrew Bullock, Associate Director of the Harper Cancer Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame
Spanish for the Medical Profession, Maria Coloma, M.A., Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
The International Economics and Romance Languages Major at Notre Dame: an Overview of Courses and Student Projects, Dr. Eva Dziadula, Assistant Professor of the Practice.
Rafael Galvao Guerra, Notre Dame International
International Summer Service Learning and Community Based Learning in Latin America, Jimena Holguin, M.A.
Empowering Students and Faculty to Create a Narrative of Learning: The ePortfolio as a Vehicle for Reflection. Elena Mangione-Lora, M.A., Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
Spanish for Business, Ivis Maria Menes, M.A., Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish
Community-Based Learning: Local engagement in theory and in practice – a case study of “Once Upon a Time: Children´s Literature and Community Connections”, Dr. Rachel Parroquin, Associate Professor of the Practice, Spanish, Director of Spanish Community-Based Language, Center for Social Concerns


15 Marzo 2017


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